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In the hot summer months, you need coolness. A mobile air conditioner with hose offers a solution here. However, the drain hose can be a problem. It hangs out through your window or door. This means that warm air enters and your air conditioner has to work harder. This problem is eliminated with a air conditioning seal for your window of door!

Deurafdichting Mobiele Airco – Magneetsluiting met Honden / Katten luik – Deurafmeting 211,5 x 90 CM – Airco Slang naar Buiten

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  Keeps cold in and heat out
  Always the right sizes
 Options with insect screens
Choose environmentally friendly with an Airco Seal

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Voor the cooler days.

Matching insect screens.


Accessories for your air conditioning system.


We offer that as well.


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