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When you are looking for a longer air conditioning hose, most of the ones you see are way too long for inside the house. Do you want to move the air conditioner further away from the window but your current air conditioner hose is too short? In that case we have the extra long 5-metre air-conditioning hose for you. This is light weight and extremely flexible. You can fit it perfectly around round or sharp corners, and you don't need to worry about the structure of the hose. It will not constrict, so the air flow rate remains the same. Even with a longer air-conditioning hose, the air-conditioning performance will remain good.

Features of the 5-metre air conditioning hose:

  • High Quality
  • No matter how the hose is laid, the structure remains intact
  • Ideal if you want to place the mobile air conditioner further away from the window
  • High fire safety
  • Colour: white
Diameter airco hose

102mm, 127mm, 152mm