Tilt/turn window insect screen

Suitable for tilt/turn in/out windows.

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Hor for tilt-turn window, prevents disturbed sleep and unpleasant insect bites!

To calculate the circumference, measure the window on three sides (without hinge) and add up the dimensions. With this insect screen you will prevent even the smallest insects from entering your house, while still allowing fresh air to enter. It fits perfectly in your home or office and is easy to install with the help of our manual. Our manual contains a step-by-step plan to easily install the insect screen without drilling.

A beautiful insect screen that keeps out different insects such as: mosquitoes, flies, wasps and many more. So you can continue to enjoy the coolness in your home or office.

Our insect screens are made-to-measure, fit perfectly into any interior and you can still see what is happening outside.

✅ Suitable for a tilt window;
✅ Different sizes available;
✅ Keeps insects out;
✅ Fits into any type of interior;
✅ Easy to install with the help of our step-by-step plan;
✅ For every size of tilt window we have a matching insect screen, discover our different sizes.

How do you measure the window?

This seal with included insect screen is easily attached to the window frame by means of Velcro. Measure the window frame on three of the four sides, not counting the side where the hinges are. Add the lengths of the three sides together and you have the dimensions of your window!


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