Air conditioning Sliding Window Seal

  • Window seal for the air-conditioning hose on a sliding window.
  • With or without insect screen.
  • First measure your window and then choose the right size.
  • Most popular: 80 x 20 cm

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Airco Window Seal Sliding Window This mobile air conditioner window seal improves the performance of your mobile air conditioner. You can use it to secure your air conditioning drain hose and seal your sliding window. In this way, the warm summer air stays outside and the inside stays cool. This mobile airco drainage solution for sliding windows is a unique product in the Netherlands.

How this window sealer for sliding windows works The window sealing kit for the mobile air conditioner consists of an air conditioner window seal. In the middle is a 50 cm wide zip. You attach the sliding window seal to your air conditioning unit by means of a self-adhesive hook and loop tape with Velcro. Slide your window up to 20 or 40 centimetres. Stick the self-adhesive hook tape on the window frame and on your sliding window. Attach the mobile air conditioning seal with Velcro. Open the zip in the middle and put your air-conditioning drain hose through. Close the zip as far as possible so that the air conditioning drain hose is securely fastened.

Voor de installatie heeft u geen boor, schroevendraaier, hamer, spijkers of ander gereedschap nodig. Alle installatiebenodigdheden zitten in het pakket voor de mobiele airco afvoer oplossing. U hoeft er niets bij te pakken om de schuifraamafdichting succesvol te kunnen installeren.

Tip: You can reuse the bag of the window sealant. It is made of sturdy material. When you remove the window sealant from the window, put it safely back into the bag. Then nothing can happen to it

Save energy and costs with window sealing kit for mobile air-conditioning This mobile air conditioning sliding window seal saves you a lot of energy and money. Normally the sliding window is open, allowing warm air to enter. This is detrimental to the operation of the mobile air conditioner with hose. It has to work harder to keep the inside cooler. If you use the sash window seal, the warm air stays outside and the mobile air conditioner can perform better. The air conditioner also needs to consume less energy, which will result in a lower energy bill. In addition, you create less CO22-uitstoot. Omdat de mobiele airco met slang minder hard hoeft te werken en dus minder energie gebruikt daalt het CO2-gehalte. Juist in de zomer is dat erg fijn, gezien veel Nederlands de mobiele airco hebben aan staan.

More advantages of air conditioning window sealant Not only do you keep warm air out, but also insects. There are plenty of them in the summer. How often have you been plagued by mosquitoes because you had to open your window at night to get air conditioning? That is now a thing of the past. The window seal also fits around the dryer hose.

Universal product You can apply the mobile air conditioner window seal to any brand of air conditioner. Whether you have AEG, Delonghi Pinguino, Inventum, Carrier, Eurom or Tristar, it doesn't matter how well the window seal works. It is always right! On to a pleasant indoor climate. Even in summer.

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Sliding Window Height

20 cm, 40 cm

Sliding Window Width

60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm

Sliding Window Insect Screen

Met hor voor schuifraam, Zonder hor voor schuifraam