Air conditioning window seals

Save on your energy bill & keep the heat and the insects outside!

Why do I need a window sealant for my mobile air conditioner?

When using your mobile air conditioner, you will have to deal with an air conditioning hose that needs to go outside. This means that you have to open your window or door in order to place the mobile air conditioning hose outside. This, of course, goes against your wishes – you want to keep your room cool. That, of course, is why you bought your portable air conditioner. What happens when you move the air conditioning duct outside is as follows: you allow the warm air to enter the room and the air conditioner has to work harder and longer to maintain the desired temperature. Besides being time-consuming, this is not good for your energy bill, which will then increase. Also, by leaving your window or door open, you give insects the chance to fly into your home. This can even disturb your sleep. This is all very easy to prevent and we are here to help you!

The right seal for your window

To help you reduce your energy consumption and energy costs, and to help you prevent the insects that want to enter your home, we have worked with our experts to create seals in different sizes and for different types of windows. This way, you can always be sure to find a suitable seal for every window!


We offer various sizes of seals for the following types of windows:


Selection tool

Don’t know yet which seal fits your window? Our selection tool can help you make the right choice!

Are you thinking about an air conditioning system but do you not have a mobile air conditioner yet? Below we have listed some websites where you can find an air conditioner that meets your needs.

Buying a mobile air conditioner:

-> Option 1

-> Option 2


Would you like to rent a mobile air conditioner? That is also one of the possibilities

-> Renting a mobile airconditioner

The advantages of having a window seal:

You will be saving on energy costs

Lagere Energiekosten

You will keep the heat outside


You will keep the insects outside


Tom A.
Tom A.28-07-2019
Lees verder
In my search for the right gasket, I found it difficult to come to the right size, I came to you and thanks to your selection tool I found the right gasket for my skylight, thanks a lot!
Asma K.
Asma K.14-08-2019
Lees verder
Because of the heat in my nail salon, I bought an air conditioner with a hose. I ran into a problem with this. I had to open the window for the mobile hose. This meant that the heat from outside came back inside. After our telephone conversation, I used the selection tool to order the right seal to fit my window. I installed the seal 3 days ago. I used your step-by-step plan. My studio now feels much more pleasant and I even received a nice compliment from my customer this morning. She said that she found the temperature very pleasant. 🙂
Diederik de N.
Diederik de N.23-08-2019
Lees verder
Thank you for your advice! The insect screen works properly and the air conditioning deo gives my workplace a pleasant smell.

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